Frequently Asked Questions

Are we Professional, Friendly and approachable?

Of course we are! Give as a try and find out for yourself!

Do you allow user access to my site?

We give you control over your own website. When you create a new account, information concerning your account is sent to you which allows you control over your own domain and passwords.

Can I register a Domain Name or transfer my current domain to you?

Of course you can!

How do I change over to your server?

E-mail us in the first instance and let us know what you wish to do, we will liaise with you for either registering a new domain or transferring your current one to our Server. Then you need to change your present dns or name server over to ours.

Our dns or name servers are:

Do you have any Terms & Conditions?

Like all major companies we do have a set of Terms & Conditions, to view these please Click Here.

What about my e-mails and address book on my present server?

When you change over to another server all your e-mails and address book will be lost, we recommend that you therefore back-up/save your present data. Should you be using Microsoft Outlook Express then we recommend "Outlook Express Backup Wizard" which can be found at should you be using another sort of e-mail client then please refer to their help section for information on backing-up/saving data.

What are e-mail aliases?

These are e-mails that you create on your website, for example Your mail account on our server will be set to "Catch All" therefore any mail with your domain will end up in your e-mail box.

What are Auto Responders?

This is a system that allows you to set up an Auto Response should you be away from your office, for example, on holiday. You can set up a response to inform any sender that you are away and unreachable via Internet but available via telephone and then add a telephone number that you could be reached on.

Do you offer any online e-mail browser interface?

Yes we do. We use Squirrelmail. All e-mail accounts can be used either as POP3 with your own PC or online with a browser.

Can you design my website for me?

Of course, it would be a pleasure. Please Click Here for some examples.

What database system do you have?

We use MySQL because it is an easy to use database programme. PhpMyAdmin is also installed on our server.

Do you offer SSI?

SSI is installed on all our servers, you just have to call your files with the .shtml extension.

Do you support wildcards or sub domains?

We do not support wildcards. We can however, create sub-domains for your account like If you require to have point to the main index page of your site, or there is no additional charge.

Do you use Unix or NT/Windows 2000 servers?

SEAMCO only use Unix Servers.

What tools and features do you supply?

Listed are a few:
Domain Registration.
Website Design,
Click Here.
Domain Manager.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Common Gateway Interface (CGI).
Subscribe Mailing Lists.
Pop3 e-mail accounts.
Direct Backbone Connection.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Secure Shell (SSH).

Can you register my domain name?

Of course we can.

Do I need to use www. to access my domain address?

You can access your domain address with or without www. in front of the domain name. The www. is a tertiary domain name that isn't necessary if your name server is set up properly.

Do you offer SSL encryption for transferring sensitive information such as Credit Card details?

Yes! Our servers are equipped with the latest SSL technology so enabling you to sell your products and services on the net, safely and securely. Normally text sent from your browser is sent as plain text, which potentially can be accessed by any hackers. By using SSL the information is encrypted before it is sent. Secure Servers are provided one per IP Address.

Can you upload my present site for me?

Yes we can, but please be reminded about e-mails and address books. Also any existing database will probably not be uploaded, this depends on how your database is currently set up. We do make a one-time-charge for this service. Please contact us for further information.

Can I make changes to my site and upload pages often?

All Accounts come with an FTP/Telnet account, which will give you full access to your space via FTP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The file manager can also be used to upload pages to your site if you do not have access to FTP. Click Here to download FTP.

What is cgi-bin?

A CGI-Bin is where you store all CGI Scripts. These scripts are used to generate online order forms, shopping carts etc. CGI Scripts can also be run outside the cgi-bin. Our Hosting Packages include their own CGI-Bin.

What CGI Scripts are already installed?

Our Hosting Packages come with a hit counter, a form e-mailer and a file manager.

Will my Macintosh work with your server account?

Yes, our servers use standard protocols such as FTP, Telnet, Http and SSH that are all compatible with Macintosh operating systems.

What support do you offer?

Reply by e-mail to all requests as to the use of all facilities on the server. Click Here to e-mail Support.

Do you host foreign domains?

Yes, we will host all domains on our server.

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